On Thanksgiving

So this is the week when we are supposed to reunite with family, say grace, and eat a bird. I rarely do this anymore, spend the holidays with family. This week I’m going to do it with my friends. And I’m making the bird. So, here we go….

Generally, on Thanksgiving, I wake up, have coffee, watch a parade, and give thanks that I get to spend this day however I please, away from work, quiet, usually reading. Still, I always give grace. Grace for what I am very fortunate to have in this life, and the folks I know.

I think we should do this everyday; wake up each morning grateful for something. I think many of us find it hard to do even in the easiest of times. I do try and find it when I’m simply driving to work with the assholes on the road, or in the convenient store where the one person won’t budge, or when we’re at work in a meeting listening to the seemingly meaningless words that cause me to wonder why I’m an academic sometimes.

My family is not close. Not in proximity or literally; we generally go our separate ways. It’s not that we don’t love each other, it’s just in a “I’m glad I don’t have to see you everyday” and a “We’ll get together at some point” sort of way. This doesn’t make us a bad family. It makes us more honest than most.

However, as much as I don’t see my family and relegate our time together to the phone, I am grateful for them. And many other things in this life. These are the things I am grateful for and find grace in everyday. Think about it. Maybe you can’t relate, but I bet a lot of this rings true. Grace often finds itself in the oddest spaces. It’s there if you look for it.

It’s about finding grace in all things

And so…

I’ve lived through shit most people will never know about and survived. Seriously. Ask and I will tell, but I’m a Doctor of Philosophy, not a drug addict. Amazing.

If you wake up. You’re fortunate.

If you have clothes to wear, you’re fortunate.

If you have a warm place to sleep, you’re fortunate.

At some point in my life, I hiked a really big mountain (actually, two) and I own it and love it and I did it with my best friends.

I love my dog.

Many people I know are just shit. Most folks are not.

Love with your whole heart. Every. Single. Day. Even the shitty people.

Everyone is tired. It’s relative.

If you think life is hard. Just breathe.

Breathe. Everyday. And then. Breathe again.

Jazz  music makes everything better.

If you love your life, you’re fortunate.

If you love your job, you’re fortunate.

If you love the people you surround yourself everyday with, you’re fortunate.

And then, if you can say that your life is okay, and you are not struggling, generally, and you are living well, then you are okay.

I think, every day, all of us, are okay. Let’s own this. And be grateful. And gracious.

This! Is Thanksgiving.




2 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving

  1. I love to slow down a bit and read thoughtful and thoughtfelt eassays. You certainly have a knack for hitting the nail on the head. It’s just after 5am and I’ve been up for an hour or so; feeling annoyed I’m not sleeping. After reading your essay I realize it’s no big deal as I do have so much to give thanks for. Thanks for forcing me to slow down and realize the good in my life. It’s certainly not perfect but things could be so much worse. So I’m giving thanks today for my life. I did wake up and I will see my son in a few hours and will have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends and good thoughts. Thanks for being a friend. I feel blessed! Much love Ms Luvbourbon.


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